The Conseil acadien de Rustico (CaR) is the spokesperson for Acadians and Francophones in the greater Rustico area, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The CaR shares a vision and mission with École Saint-Augustin and the center of early childhood, Les petits rayons de soleil.


Together we:

  • Assemble the Acadian and Francophone communities of the region together in a welcoming, warm and safe environment;
  • Provide enriching, authentic and innovative educational and community services;
  • Grow in the community the pride of our roots and the love of the French language;
  • Contribute to the success of young people and the development of the community by promoting the language and culture of us and the world's Francophonie;
  • Radiate a desire for self-fulfillment and community belonging throughout Acadia and the Francophonie of Prince Edward Island and elsewhere.

Our children are our future. Our ancestors are our heritage. Our community is us.

“We are proud of who we are and the French spoken here”
— Students of École Saint-Augustin